Organizing in NYC

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Why work with an organizer?

A professional organizer can transform spaces through personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. Investing in an organized space can have benefits such as:

  • → More free space
  • → Reduced stress
  • → Increased productivity
  • → Improved sleep
  • → Better air quality

Depending on the support you're looking for, organizers can serve as both a team player and a leader. Clients may be looking for a collaborator who can help them finish a project they’ve been avoiding. I often provide extra hands when clients are tired from moving or are dealing with mobility issues. I’ve also received (rather flattering) feedback that I magically create space they didn’t have before and that I’ve found solutions they never would have thought of themselves. Organizers not only bring their guidance and expertise; they provide value by bringing a fresh perspective to old habits and can help you see your space in a new way.

Organizers can help you understand your “why” and keep you on track. Some people find organizing boring, tedious, or too emotional. With the support of a professional organizer, you can keep focused and make sure your time and effort is leading you towards your goals.

Organization for real life

I am solution-focused; aesthetics are just a bonus! If organizing sounds intimidating or overwhelming, my approach is about meeting you where you are, making adjustments you can realistically keep up with, and finding creative solutions for your unique space and needs. I aim to match your home to your lifestyle. Your space should work for you, not the other way around.

I am passionate about finding creative ways to make an environment more functional and peaceful. I help clients settle into a new apartment, tackle jam-packed closets, and create thoughtful systems that make their lives easier. Projects are approached with a respect for privacy and without judgment. My goal is to find solutions that will work for the client longterm and to leave them feeling relieved and reenergized.

It's important to recognize how our physical space reflects—and impacts—our wellbeing. As we confront the reality of our homes and belongings, it may shine a light on deeper issues involving money, body image, or our personal relationships. I am sensitive to these connections and offer patience and compassion to my clients.

Client feedback

"Fabulous! It's as if a weight has been lifted and I can finally enjoy being in my apartment again. I used to avoid my bedroom because it was such a mess and honestly it was stressful trying to even think about organizing it, but Jacqueline brought calm, clear recommendations and incredible organization skills! I can't recommend her highly enough!" — Andrea

"Lovely, kind, nonjudgmental and excellent at organizing! Jacqueline arrived right on time, got right to work and came up with so many great ideas. She worked swiftly and quietly and I can't recommend her enough! Would hire again :)" — Daniela

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Ready to get started?

You can book an organizing session with me directly via email. You can also find me on TaskRabbit (and confirm those glowing reviews). Either way, I'm ready to help!