What clients are saying...

"Jacqueline was amazing. She stayed for half a day organizing various parts of my tiny rental apartment. She's incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and easy going. I'd highly, highly recommend." — Megan

"Jacqueline was amazing! Worked quickly and completely transformed my closet and dresser drawers. She's hands on and set up a system that I can keep up with. I will definitely work with her again!" — Bethani

"I cried real tears after she left. 3.5 hours in my clutter of a space and she has changed my life and cleared my head. After an awful Tasker cancelled on me 15 minutes before we were scheduled (I was looking forward to tackling this and have no other time to do it, and have been putting it off) I knew if I didn't get it done tonight it wasn't going to happen. I desperately reached out to Jacqueline, she traveled an hour to my house last minute. I can't tell you the last time I have been proud and at peace in my space. She also was so sweet with my cat. She was nonjudgmental of my mess and I could not recommend anyone more than her. 10000 stars. Again, she has changed my life. Thank you forever Jackie!" — Amanda

"Jacqueline was amazing. Very organized and flexible. Her calm energy made decluttering a less stressful task." — Dana

"Jackie is an outstanding organizer and we couldn't be happier with what she was able to do. After she was done, there was an intuitive system for everything. She's the best!" — Joon

"Worth every penny. She did an amazing job! I needed help packing for a move and had no idea how to make it happen. Jacqueline killed it. I'm stress free and now ready for the move. Thank you!" — Donald

"Jacqueline is great! Always punctual and not fazed by overwhelming mess! She helped us organize 3 different closet spaces after moving to a new house. Highly recommend her!" — Samantha

"Jacqueline was AMAZING! Efficient, thorough, and so helpful and nice. She helped me organize my entire messy apartment and I was blown away by the results. Highly recommend for any kind of organizing!" — Christina

"Jacqueline was truly exceptional, and a joy to work with. The whole kitchen has been cleared and is organized, and it went as smoothly as I could hope for. I didn't know what to expect, and I'm now looking at my calendar to schedule round two together." — Camille

"Jackie was awesome! I knew I needed help reevaluating my space and finding fresh ways to organize and reset. I was having trouble motivating myself. Bringing Jackie in was undoubtedly a great decision. She came in with a partner-oriented, nonjudgmental attitude, open-minded to bringing me new ideas and being willing to tag team making the changes. I really appreciated her perspective, suggestions, willingness to be hands-on, and would absolutely have her back for the next project!" — Helen Elizabeth

"I hired Jackie to assist with the enormous task of organizing and storing my overwhelming amount of clothes. She started at 8:30 am and didn't stop until 3 pm – talk about dedication! Jackie handled every single task amazingly, from sorting stuff out to finding them a proper place. I'm seriously impressed. If I ever need help again, Jackie's the first person I'll call. In fact, I've already lined up more projects for her to help me with. Thanks a bunch!" — Kerry

"Jacqueline is very professional, prompt, hardworking, and a wonderfully kind person. With her assistance, she made a dreaded project into a comfortable and relaxed experience. There is more work to do—it is Jacqueline who I’ll reach out to for her expertise and support. Many thanks to her :-)" — Kevin

"Jackie was awesome! Fast, needed little guidance, and I cannot stop swooning over how gorgeous and organized my closet is now. I can finally see my clothes!" — Lindsay

"Fantastic job, organized, kind and on time. I can’t wait to hire her again!" — Noah

"Jacqueline is absolutely wonderful! She was extremely kind, knowledgeable and very helpful organizing our newly moved-in apartment. In a short time, we transformed the space from overload of boxes and stuff everywhere to a functional, livable space with organization and flow throughout. So grateful! Hire her if you are in need of amazing organizing." — Sam

"I have booked Jackie twice now and she is just the best! Dives right in, gives great feedback about organzing possibilities, and is just overall great energy to be around" — Aimée

"Jackie was amazing! Showed up on time, immediately got to the task, was super helpful and just genuinely great to tackle a project with! She made a HUGE organization problem I have been dreading feel easy. Thank you so much!" — Aimée

"Phenomenal! Had an overwhelming amount of organizing and it made all the difference to have someone experienced working alongside me. Jackie was so kind and compassionate (and also fun!). We got more done than I ever could have on my own!" — Blake Elise

"Jackie is delightful and a hard worker. She helped unpack boxes after my renovation and organize my cabinets. Lots of dust and heavy lifting but she powered through with determination and good will." — Susan

"Jacqueline was great - she arrived on time and got straight to work with our chaotic mess and helped us to make sense of it. Will definitely be asking her to come back and help out again!" — LuzElena

"Jacqueline was super efficient. She completely independently organized an extremely messy closet. Thanks so much!" — Ezra

"Fabulous! It's as if a weight has been lifted and I can finally enjoy being in my apartment again. I used to avoid my bedroom because it was such a mess and honestly it was stressful trying to even think about organizing it, but Jacqueline brought calm, clear recommendations and incredible organization skills! I can't recommend her highly enough!" — Andrea

"Jacqueline was fantastic! On time and very professional, easy to be with an enthusiastic. I'm so happy I found her!" — Elissa

"Lovely, kind, nonjudgmental and excellent at organizing! Jacqueline arrived right on time, got right to work and came up with so many great ideas. She worked swiftly and quietly and I can't recommend her enough! Would hire again :)" — Daniela

"Jacqueline was fantastic. Arrived on time, very pleasant and lovely to work with. It was amazing to see how she magically transformed my crowded closets and kitchen into sleek, organized spaces. I highly recommend her!" — Erin

"Jacqueline was amazing to work with. She came in to my new apartment just as the movers left - and it was filled with boxes. She was calm and got right to work helping and organizing. I highly recommend her!" — Christine

"I must say that Jackie was fantastic! I had two closets of clothes that I didn't feel like thinning out or anything I just wanted Jackie to do everything: to re-imagine, re-arrange and make me some more room - magically. Yeah - she did it! She worked alone, quietly and swiftly and I was so joyful when she was done I was smiling ear to ear! She's got a knack for organizing and a lovely demeanor! I HIGHLY recommend her!" — Lauren

"Jacqueline is amazing. I just moved into a new apartment and felt overwhelmed by the process of unpacking and organizing my stuff into a smaller space than my previous home. I shared my challenges and vision with Jacqueline and she ran with creative solutions! She carried me along throughout the process, and paid close attention to solving my concerns around being in a space that's clutter-free with items that are easy to access. She not only made my bedroom and kitchen organized, but also beautiful, placing items in a way that make inside of cabinets, drawers and closet relaxing to look at and easy to maintain. Thank you, Jacqueline!" — Nnenna

"Fantastic! Kind, communicative. Helped me organize a chaotic room. Highly recommend." — Sharon